Europe Backpacking Two Cities You Can’t Miss


If there is one continent that is the most frequented by tourists and travelers alike, it is Europe. Europe's western part is dotted with historical sites, marketplaces, cultural attractions, and gastronomical experiences. 

While the common perception about Europe is that it is an expensive destination, numerous backpacker experiences have proved otherwise. Our trip will be quite an economical and yet adventurous one since we will have a precise itinerary, know which transportation to take, know which hostels to stay on the way, and know in advance where to eat.

The following are two western European cities that are most popular with backpackers.


The Netherlands' capital is known for its canals, cobblestoned streets, coffee shops, the famous Rijksmuseum, and a lot more. Commonly, the city tends to have a cozy vibe. Traveling within the city is more accessible here as there are numerous shops where you can hire bikes.

Amsterdam Highlights 

If art and history interest you, then Amsterdam is your place to be. Famous for the Vincent van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum, and the Anne Frank House, these sites are necessary.

If you love to drink, you can't miss the Heineken Experience, a historical brewery that is now run as a corporate experience center. 

If you are visiting this city for a gastronomical experience, then Amsterdam would not disappoint you. One would find numerous cuisines from across the world being served here, including the famous coffee shops it brings in legacy. Food Festivals are pretty standard in Amsterdam, which happens all year round. 

A backpacker has numerous options to stay in Amsterdam as there are many hostels present here apart from hotels. We have given you enough reasons to visit this beautiful city which is possible on a shoestring budget.


The capital of France is popularly known as a city of the romantics. Its monuments like the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Arc de Triomphe, etc., require no introduction. This city is a must-visit on every backpacker's bucket list. While Paris can cater to the wealthiest of travelers through its chic hotels, fashion streets, and Michelin star restaurants, the backpacker also finds that he has numerous options at hand. 

Paris Highlights

Paris is a city with many museums, but it is Louvre which is the most famous as it houses the most renowned painting in the world, the Mona Lisa, painted by Leonardo da Vinci. 

Montmartre in Paris is famous for lovely pastries and bread at economical prices. France is world-famous for wine, so one cannot miss the numerous food and wine tasting tours here, catering to all budgets.

The Rue de Steinkerque is a place where one can shop within a budget. 

Paris provides numerous options for backpackers to stay, including hostels and bed and breakfast accommodations. No wonder backpackers make a beeline to Paris.

So, whenever you are thinking of going on a backpacking tour, do not hesitate for a second before zeroing down on Europe. This place has every type of attraction imaginable. 

All one needs to do is plan well in advance. If the situation arises, do not hesitate before taking the help of travel experts while planning a trip to help you with their expertise and make your trip even more memorable. 

So, do not wait any longer; meet with me and start planning now!