Travel Types and Destinations

Your ticket to the ultimate adventure

Travel in Comfort

Trains offer passengers a smooth ride in spacious cabins. Luxurious accommodations with large picture windows allow you to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Unique Experiences

Traveling by train means you can arrive at the station minutes before your departure, not hours, which gives you more time to explore each destination. Along your journey, you can explore museums, historic sites, and the surrounding natural attractions.

Old-Fashioned charm

The days of silverware and fine china in coach class may be long gone in the airline industry, but on overnight trains, you can still expect to experience the finest in luxury travel.


Luxury Yachts

These small ships can maneuver into smaller areas getting you closer to nature. An example is a luxurious Ponant cruise to the Antarctic. Many times all excursions are included in the cruise price.

River cruising

River cruises also are smaller ships that can maneuver into smaller areas. A river cruise allows more time spent in each destination as well as focuses more on the destination with the cruise ship being the backdrop.

Ocean Cruising

This type of cruise is most familiar: larger ships and more like a city on water. They are also as active or relaxing as you want.

All Inclusive Resorts

All inclusive resorts offer many benefits. Great food, options for family fun or adults only, drink options and in most non-motorized water sports.


While all inclusive resorts can be rarely found in the US and Bali, the majority are located in Mexico and the Caribbean. Interestingly, Hawaii only has one all-inclusive and it's 10 minutes from the beach. Travelers to Hawaii are encouraged to enjoy the local culture instead of just stay at their resorts.


This type of vacation is a lot easier to budget for since almost everything is paid up front. Some may have some add-ons so you do have to be careful and what all is included. There are many options for all-inclusive resorts that can fit your budget and vacation style.

Theme Parks

Everyone generally thinks about Disney when they think of Florida or theme parks in general. There are several other amazing options!

Universal Orlando & Universal Studios Hollywood

Big fan of Harry Potter? Universal is THE theme park to visit! 2 immersive worlds in Orlando and one in California. These theme parks have other amazing rides and experiences as well. Universal Orlando has a third park, Volcano Bay, which is an amazing water park.

Sea World/Discovery Cove

Sea World includes roller coasters, entertainment and up-close animal encounters, while Discovery Cove is an all-inclusive resort where you can safely come face-to-face with sharks and immerse yourself in the ultimate marine-life experience with no barriers, lines or crowds. Many amenities like freshly prepared meals and drinks, snorkels and sunscreen, are included. Combine these for an amazing vacation