Thank you!

We are so glad you are joining us! Here are the next steps...

Step 1

I will verify availability on the trip and send you an invoice for the deposit. The invoice will include your personalized payment link.

Step 2

I will send you a copy of the traveler information that I have from your form submission for you to verify it's accuracy and completeness. If you find any error this is when you will let me know, so look carefully!

Step 3

I will process your deposit, send you an updated invoice, and a copy of your booking from the supplier.

IF YOU SELECTED THAT YOU ARE TRAVELING WITH A ROOMMATE... make sure that they are also signed up and ready to pay. If your roommate doesn't sign up and pay, you will be changed to a single traveler which will include a price increase. If selecting the travel insurance option from the cruiseline, you must both opt in or out.

Finally, it's time to let the countdown begin!!