12 Best Greek Foods to Experience Soon


Indulge in some Greek foods while in Greece, where you can expect fresh ingredients and flavors. Their healthy recipes will leave you wanting more.

Fortunately, many excellent eateries, restaurants, and cafes are found all over the city.

Below are 13 of the best Greek foods to experience in your lifetime to help you figure out what Greek dish you will order next.

Greek Meze

Greek Meze

Greek meze is a Greek food that is a mix of bite-sized foods. Depending on where you order it, this platter may include anything from octopus to roasted red peppers. They may come served cold or hot, and they make excellent appetizers.


Magirefta refers to any homemade, slow-cooked meal made in Greece. Typically any Magirefta meal is cooked in a tapsi (deep baking tray) or katsarola (deep pot).


Souvlaki refers to Greek fast food, but don't let that turn you away. Greek fast food is typically much tastier and healthy than fast-food in the U.S. You can order meat, gyros, vegetable skewers, seasoned rice, grilled turkey patties, and more.

Greek Taverna

You can find many family-run Greek tavernas throughout Athens that offer fabulous food. You can enjoy a little socializing, music, and dancing at the tavernas while being served some of the tastiest traditional meals.

Greek Deli

A Greek deli is an excellent pick to visit. Greek delis have a wide range of cheeses and meats that you can't find easily in the states. A Greek delicatessen will awaken many of your senses.

Greek Spirits

Greece has traditional spirits that the natives like to drink, including ouzo, mastic, and raki, among other unique liquors.

Greek Wines

Athens is of the oldest wine-producing areas in the world. You absolutely should not miss the opportunity to indulge in Greek wine. Visit an international market or a wine bar to find some of the best wines.

Greek Coffee

Not necessarily a Greek food but traditional Greek coffee is strong, and there are many delicious options you should try.

Greek Foods - Pastry

Greek Desserts

It would be a mistake to leave Greece without trying some of its desserts, especially its zaharoplasteio (pastries). Some sweets you should try include milopita, kataifi, loukoumades, and galaktoboureko.

Local Farmer's Market

Choose one of the many local farmer's markets for fresh ingredients and bites to eat. Visiting the laiki (farmer's market) is possibly one of Greece's tastiest and most incredible experiences.

Greek Street Food

Greece has some incredible street food. From koulourakia to gyros, you will find an excellent selection of tasty Greek meals.

Gyro a common Greek Food


You must try moussaka as one of Greece's most treasured authentic dishes. This dish served as a casserole, includes slow-cooked meats, eggplant, and cheeses.

There are endless Greek foods and dishes to try while on vacation in Greece. Book your free consultation to start planning and mark this off your bucket list . I look forward to working with you.