Top 10 Breathtaking train stations


These train stations exceed the average transportation hubs from Baroque ceilings to atriums from Hollywood's most iconic films.

For many, they have evolved into must-visit destinations. How many have you explored?!


Gare du Nord Train Station in Paris, France

The busiest railway station in the world, outside of Japan.

The first of these 10 breathtaking train stations is Gare du Nord. Twenty-three perfectly sculpted statues representing the destinations served by the Chemin de Ferd Nord company will greet visitors to the breathtaking Gare du Nord. This enormous station has an average of 190 million travelers per year. It was built between 1861-1864.

Komsomolskaya Train Station in Moscow, Russia

Amazing Corinthian columns, mosaics, and Baroque ornaments are all around!

A walk through this gem of Moscow tells the stories of some of the most iconic moments in Russia's history.

King's Cross Station • London, England

Visit Platform 9 ¾!

A stroll can feel the heart and soul of the city through this imposing train station. Take a photo of the famous Platform 9 3/4 before catching your train onward!Grand Central Terminal • New York, United States

Grand Central Terminal • New York, United States

As seen in some of Hollywood's most iconic films!

Grand Central Terminal has 44 platforms, more than any other station in the world. Enjoy a game of tennis in the upstairs court or discover the hidden bar and the "Whispering Gallery"!

Madrid Atocha Railway Station • Madrid, Spain

Garden filled with tropical flowers and turtles!

Madrid's central train station has everything you'd expect from a station, with one difference: it's full of tropical plants and animals!

São Bento Railway Station • Porto, Portugal

Built at a former Benedictine monastery site.

This station has 20,000 tin-glazed ceramic tiles lining the atrium walls, depicting scenes from Portugal's history, from royal meetings to battles to successful conquests.

Antwerpen-Centraal Train Station in Antwerp, Belgium

“Railway Cathedral.”

This breathtaking transportation hub is always at the top of the list for "most beautiful train stations in the world," and it's not hard to see why! A stop in this station is sure to leave visitors in awe, with its glass vaulted ceilings and lavish towers. You can find a luxurious experience even in a diamond gallery that houses over 30 diamond shops.

Formosa Boulevard MRT Station • Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Bask in the beauty of the "Dome of Light."

This station appears like any other from the outside. However, this train station has a secret. Once inside, you'll find one of the most beautiful displays of color and light.

Kuala Lumpur Railway Station • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Moorish is more!

Commuters will feel like royalty when they pull into this Moorish-style station! The architecture is all-white, with arched windows, endless corridors, and intricate domes. It creates something out of a dream.

Rail Stations of Stockholm

Also known as the world's longest exhibit of art.

Over 90 of the 100 subway stations in Stockholm have been transformed by over 150 artists into exquisite works of art. Solna Central Station is decorated with sculptures, installations, and paintings. Each of them is themed and celebrates the history or significance of the station.

T-Centralen Station in Stockholm, Sweden

Stadion Station in Stockholm, Sweden

Which one do you want to visit first? Let me know your thoughts!