Five Reasons Why You Should Travel by Train

Looking down aisle of dining car on luxury train

Many see train travel as a mode of transportation rather than an experience.

Traveling by rail combines the best of convenience, comfort, spectacular scenery, and unparalleled service. Passengers can enjoy the luxury of rail travel while having authentic cultural experiences along the way.

Boarding a train is your ticket to unique and memorable experiences anywhere in the world.

If you’ve never traveled by rail before, here are five reasons why you should consider it for your next vacation.

City Center to City Center

You find most major train stations in the heart of the city. Unlike flying, you can arrive at your train just minutes before it departs, meaning you have more time to enjoy your destination. Unlike flying, where you have to take connecting flights or cruises where you spend days out at sea, trains have quick and efficient connections to multiple destinations.


Missing your plane can make or break a vacation. Missing a train, on the other hand, isn’t a make or break moment. Especially in Europe, scenic journeys and high-speed trains offer multiple trips on the same day. Since you don’t have to buy your ticket in advance or make a reservation, it is no big deal if your travel plans change last minute.

Photo of Smoked Salmon Egg Scramble in GoldLeaf dining room. Luxury Rail

Photo of Smoked Salmon Egg Scramble in the Rocky Mountaineer GoldLeaf dining room.


Trains generally have more space than planes and more comfortable accommodations than cruises. While the train whisks you away through some of the most beautiful destinations on the globe, you can relax into a plush chair as you sip champagne and read a good book, converse with fellow passengers or enjoy the view.

More Bags

Because trains generally carry fewer passengers and don’t have weight restrictions, you can pack as many bags as you need. If you are traveling for several days and staying in a hotel rather than on the train, the rail company will move your luggage between the train and hotel room, so you don’t have to stress about packing and unpacking the time.

Old-Fashioned Charm

There is something refreshingly traditional about taking a train, especially if you travel over a long, multi-night route. The days of silverware and fine china in coach class may be long gone in the airline industry, but on overnight trains, you can still expect to experience the finest in luxury travel.

If you are interested in traveling by train for your next vacation, contact me today!

Watch Rockies to the Red Rocks on Rocky Mountaineer to see an example of a luxury train vacation in the United States.