Top Five Luxury Train Journeys

side view of the Eastern & Oriental Express train going around a mountain

In an era where time is a luxury, traveling by train gives you the freedom to slow down and soak up every moment of your trip.

Rail travel transports you back to the glamorous days of traveling when passengers would get dressed up to travel, and white-glove service was the norm. Luckily, you can still experience the magic of rail travel on one of these luxurious train journeys.

Venice Simplon Orient-Express, Europe

Hailed as one of the most luxurious trains in the world, the Venice Simplon Orient-Express takes travelers on a whirlwind tour across Europe. Beginning in London and ending in Venice, passengers can enjoy the sumptuous surroundings and enjoy delicious food and drinks while onboard. Stopping in major cities and quaint towns, travelers can enjoy the fantastic

Ghan Train in Australia

mountain and countryside along the route.

The Ghan, Australia

Travel through the Australian outback and along the coast in the comfort of a luxury train car. Your journey will take you between Darwin and Adelaide, cutting right through the center of the outback. Along the way, take in the spectacular views of the ever-changing scenery with excursions that include camel riding and helicopter tours.

The Rocky Mountaineer, Canada

The Rocky Mountaineer is perhaps one of the most famous trains in the world. Glass dome coaches offer passengers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. Breath in the fresh mountain air as you sip on champagne and enjoy delectable meals. This three-day train ride makes stops in Whistler and Quesnel so you can explore your local surroundings.

Maharajas' Express, India

Embark on a journey of regal splendor aboard the Maharajas' Express. With opulent interiors and impeccable service, this luxury train offers an unrivaled experience through the cultural gems of India. Discover breathtaking landscapes, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and immerse yourself in the rich heritage of this enchanting country. Indulge in fine dining, impeccable hospitality, and create memories that last a lifetime aboard the Maharajas' Express.

The Eastern & Oriental Express, Southeast Asia

This magical train journey through Southeast Asia takes you from Singapore's dazzling lights to the bustling streets of Bangkok. Watch the landscape transform before your eyes as you travel through rural villages, jungles, and past ancient temples. Enjoy delectable meals and signature cocktails as you enjoy all the luxuries the Eastern & Oriental Express has to offer.

If you are interested in booking a trip on one of these luxurious trains, contact me today to learn more. These aren't necessarily luxury trains, but here's some fascinating train history.